Common Questions

How long will it take me to register my visa?
Your visa will normally be registered within 24 hours. If you have asked Moscow Suites to take care of this, we will simply provide you with a copy of your registration that you can discard once you have left Russia.

What is a migration card?
The migration card is a form given to you on arrival in Russia, which must be completed before crossing the border into the country, and must be handed in at the end of your trip. This is an important document, do not discard or lose it before leaving the country.

Do I need to register my visa while in Russia?
You will need to register if staying in Russia for more than 7 business days. However, weekends and bank holidays do not count towards this 7 day limit, so you will probably not need to register at all if coming for a week-long visit. If you require registration, your visa will normally be registered within 24 hours. If you have asked Moscow Suites to take care of this, we will simply provide you with a copy of your registration that you can discard once you have left Russia.

How many cities can I visit in Russia?
If you know in advance which cities you will visit, you should list them on our online order form. You can choose up to 6 cities for the invitation, but you are free to visit whichever cities you like once you have your visa.

Do I need to know my exact dates of entry/exit?
No. You should provide the earliest date of entry and latest date of exit from Russia . You are then free to enter and leave the country at any time within those dates. You must make sure that the dates are no more than 30 days apart.

Visas for children?
You need a separate invitation for each person visiting Russia , including children.

How long does it take to get the visa invitation?
You will receive your invitation within a couple of hours of ordering.

Do I need a covering letter for my application?
Most Russian Consulates mention the need for a covering letter on their websites, but in practice do not ask for them. You are most unlikely to require one. In case the consulate does ask you for a covering letter, we will be happy to assist you with this.

Criminal records and visa applications?
In many cases, a criminal record will not prevent you from obtaining a visa. However, this is a question best directed to the Russian Embassy officials themselves, who will be able to advise you according to your particular circumstances.

Is a copy of the invitation enough to get a visa?
Our clients from all around the world apply for visas using our invitations every week without any problems. In the unlikely event that you are unable to use the invitation, we will offer a full refund of the fee paid for the invitation.

Do I need to send any documents to you?
You do not need to send any documents to us. All necessary information is collected through our online order form. This makes the process much easier and faster for you. When you apply for the visa itself (after you have obtained a visa invitation), however, you will need to send your passport directly to the Russian Consulate.

What is a Russian visa?
A Russian visa is a document issued by a Russian Consulate giving you permission to visit Russia. Before you can apply for a visa, you require an invitation from an authorised company or organisation in Russia (ie, ourselves). Please note that if a visa applicant is from a country considered “High Immigration Risk” to the Russian Federation, the visa invitation can be significantly more expensive and time-consuming. High Immigration Risk countries include India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and others.

Do I need to stay with Moscow Suites to obtain a visa invitation through this site?
As we provide this service as a value-add service to our clients, we prefer to provide it only to our booked guests. If you do need us to provide you with a visa invitation, please email us and we can consider it on a case-by-case basis. If you are travelling with additional people who will not be staying with Moscow Suites, we can typically provide invitations for them too.

Is it difficult to get a visa?
No! We provide a lot of information on this site because we want to answer any questions you might have regarding your travel to Russia. However, we also try to show that getting a visa should not be difficult at all. You should follow our simple step-by-step guide to obtain your visa, which you can find on our site.

Do you provide the ‘voucher’ and ‘confirmation’?
The invitation we provide consists of these two documents the voucher and the confirmation. These are all the documents you need (together with your passport and completed visa application form) to apply for a visa.

Where can I find my nearest Russian Consulate?
Here is a link to all Russian Embassies and Consulates. Please note as this is an external site we are not responsible for the accuracy or maintenance of this information, and you should confirm through secondary sources.

How early can I apply for my visa?
You can apply for your invitation at any time before your trip. It is usually better to prepare you application well in advance of your trip.When applying for the visa itself, you should do so no more than 90 days (3 months) before your trip.For business visa applications, you can apply no more than 45 days before your intended entry into Russia.

Do I need a flight before applying for my visa?
No. We do not need your flight details in order to process your invitation, although you will need a rough idea of when you will be entering and leaving Russia in order to apply for an invitation.When you are applying for the visa at the Russian embassy, you may be asked to show your return ticket out of the country. This is, however, very rare.

Do I need the original copy of the invitation?

  • When you check the Russian Consulate’s visa application requirements through their website, you will usually be told that the original copy of the tourist visa invitation must be presented for your visa application.
  • However, in most cases the embassy is happy to accept a copy of the invitation sent to you by fax or as a print out of the invitation send to you as a document by email.
  • Dozens of our clients around the world apply for visas using our invitations every month without any problems. In the unlikely event that you encounter problems, we will offer a full refund of the fee paid for the invitation.
  • If you are applying for your visa in France, you should ensure you order your invitation to be sent by fax.

How long does it take to get a visa?
The process of getting a visa can take as little as a few hours, to as much as a few weeks, depending on how much you spend and on the particular Consulate you apply to (some are more efficient than others):

  • The first step towards getting a visa is obtaining an invitation. If you order your invitation through our order form following your booking, you can get this within minutes.
  • Once you have the invitation, you can apply for the visa itself. This is done by applying to a Russian Consulate. The length of time it takes for your visa to be processed usually depends on how much you pay the Consulate.